Types of Cataracts in Dogs

If you love to see your canine healthy, knowing about cataracts in dogs in details is a must. Read this article to know more about the causes, kinds, symptoms and more of the same. As you know cataracts in dogs take place when the opaque doggie lens become cloudy and blurred. Any animal or human being feels absolutely helpless without his vision. As a person, one tends to feel totally disoriented being blind so you can imagine how your poor dog must feel. So take a quick look at how to best prevent such a thing from happening by knowing more about it.

Cataracts in DogsThere are many types of cataracts in dogs which shall now be discussed in detail. This kind of congenital cataracts in dogs make their mark in a puppy of say five weeks old. This kind of eye problem takes months or years to develop and can occur in one or both the eyes. When you have a dog which is over six years of age, he can develop cataracts which are senile. They can be caused due to aging problems and are more common in elderly dogs.

If your puppy or dog has diabetes, any kind of infection, problems with nutrition or toxins development cataracts in dogs takes place as a result. They occur a lot early during the formative years or can also be hereditary. Traumatic cataracts in dogs, as the name suggests, is the result of any mishaps where the eye is affected such as car crash or a thorn getting into the eye or bullet damage. It may cause the lens severe damage.

Cataracts in Dogs

Cataracts in DogsThese are some of the common causes for cataracts in dogs. All cases may not have the same solution. If your pooch has a small cataract, you can be rest assured for the time being as long as his eye sight is safe. However, if the cataract is big and causing blurred vision, you definitely need to have a cause for concern. The veterinary surgeon or vet as he is called in brief is the best person to give you some specific advice so take your dog to him for a complete check-up. If your dog is a diabetic patient and has developed cataracts, the same can be solved with putting in eye drops. But the more complicated and major cases of cataracts in dogs need eye surgery and operations.

Keep your Dog Healthy

You need to keep your dog healthy and knowingabout these kinds of cataracts in dogs is a must for the maintenance of the canine good health. If not treated or checked in time, it can have ill effects upon your beloved pet and can even result in him losing his eye sight which has devastating consequences. Don’t panic if you see the signs of cataracts of dogs. It does not always mean that your pet needs to undergo surgery but a consultation with the vet will definitely set your mind at rest.